Basic Lessons for Communication and Life offered by the Foo Fighters

As a twenty-four year old college student there are so many thing I have learned and still have to learn, in life and for my career.  Public Relations is a field that I am interested in learning the in’s and out’s of.  With so many blogs out there you can gain so much useful information.  PR Breakfast Club’s blogger Nathan “PRCOG” Burgess post from August 25, 5 Communication Lessons, offers us lessons not only for PR, but lessons we can use in our every day life.   Now these aren’t life lessons he came up with on the top of his head.  He uses the advice from Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters.  Who would have thought that they would be able to offer us some inspi

His five lessons include sharing with others, standing up for what you believe in, being ready for the unexpected, trying new things, and admitting when you make a mistake.  All of these things seem pretty basic and should be things we already do in our day to day lives.  But I can honestly say sometimes I don’t follow all these lessons.

His number one was “Share your beer (or other things).  Now everyone loves someone who will share their beer or offers us a drink (as long as it’s not roofied).  But this does not just include beer.  Sharing your time, influence, and expertise or any other positive foo fightersqualities you have to offer SHARE THEM, don’t be selfish.  All though the blog post was plain only one picture, he did offer links to articles that help further the point he was making in each of the five lessons.  When you look a little further and click on each of the links provided, it makes the blog post so much more worth the time it takes to read it.

Number five is admitting when you made a mistake.  Dave Grohl states in an article for Rolling Stone that “It’s the dumbest band name ever.”  Referring the the band Foo- fighters, even though he thinks that, I’m sure now he wouldn’t change a thing.  This link was one of the best ones because it gave a in-depth look at all five lessons wrapped up in one interview.

Taking this advice moving forward can help you in your career, personal life, and also your academics as well.  I know I plan on using these five lessons moving forward.


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