Communication and Interview

When it comes to communication it is the most important thing to learn and practice while in college.  I learned this lesson while working on my Associates degree.  At the time I was just a bartender and server for a small local restaurant.  I worked my way up to becoming the general manager and became very close with the owner.  Once starting classes at Saint Ambrose I took a step back and started bartending again.  During the summer when I needed extra money I went straight to the owner of my old job who owns a nuclear pharmacy and asked if they need any help.  I now work full-time and have healthy relationship with those in charge.  They way I accomplished this was by nailing my interviews and communicating well.  I also still bartend and serve which is great for practicing communication.

UnknownThe biggest reason to learn and study effective ways of communication is for your future.  Every college student will have to interview after college.  I have nailed every interview I have had for my last three jobs.  All three I have worked there long-term.  Having skills to interview well could help you land your dream job.  I just thinks it is important to learn how to effectively communicate in both your personal and professional life.

Not only is communication important during interviews, at the workplace, and in your personal life.  It all ties into social media.  These days most people have at least one social media site where they communicate with others.  Online once something is said sometimes it cannot be taken back.  It is important to watch what you say and post on social media, because employers may be watching.  Not mention family members who watch.

Take some time and monitor how you communicate.  Do you communicate different with friends than with family?  Do you communicate differently with co-workers than with your boss?  Do you talk to your professors like you do with your boss?  Sometimes it is interesting to watch and listen to how you communicate.




I really like how you not only talked about your experience with social, but also added facts about the millions of other users who use different social media sites! Giving the reasons why you use it and who you follow was also good input to add to this assignment. Good job Q.

Social Media in My Life.

I used to use social media a lot.  These days not so much, I make the choice not too.  I also do not have much time.  I know the title of my blog is your average college student and most students use social media.  Maybe I should change my blog name, but with being a student full-time and working two jobs sometimes I don’t have time to just browse the internet as much as I would like to.  Now sayingimages that I have to say I do use social media when I can.  I have a Facebook which I use to keep in contact with old friends from high school, distant family, and people from trips I have been on.  I use Facebook on both my phone and computer.  The most important feature of Facebook for me is really to talk with family members I usually did not have contact with.  My family is a bit different from most.

UnknownI also have an Instagram account, which I use my phone to access.  I was once more active on my Instagram than I was on Facebook, but like I said before my time is limited.  My post have been less and less frequent.  I also used to be a bartender and when I was working there it was also more useful to post on Instagram and Facebook.  Since I now work at a Nuclear Pharmacy I cannot really post about my job.

I have snap chat account which I do use a lot more than other media apps. I keep in contact with my old co-workers, friends, co-workers at my serving job, and honestly my most important contact is my little cousin.  She just started school at the University of Wisconsin.  It’s her first time really away from home.  I love seeing all the new things she’s doing and keeping in contact! I think social media has so many functions that there are not many functions missing and if there are I don’t realize them until the app is updated, such as when snapchat updated and has the discover feature.  My goal is to work in PR so one thing I defiantly need to do is become a lot more familiar with social media and the many different sites which people use.  There are many popular ones.  Here is a list on a site that I found.