Theres an App for That

I recently downloaded a sudoku app.  Sometimes work can be boring so I decided to download it.  I really like the app.  It gives you multiple options to play on different levels.  It saves your place so if your stop playing the game it will pause the timer and it will also save your proMessages Image(42157451)gress.  When playing a game such as sudoku it is nice not to loose your spot.  The reviews for the app were very positive and that is why I choose this app over countless of other gaming apps.  The colors on the app are not to bright where it wears out your eyes.  They
are a mix of neutral browns and blacks.  You also can receive points on how fast and how accurately you play the game.  It also helps you keep track and easily see if you already have a number in the common by outline the other likes number is green.  These outlines are only on the easy level the more advanced the less help you will receive.  It is an over all good app, I will continue to use it in the future.  I would also recommend it for others.


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